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1.07 Fraud! How to Detect & Prevent Fraudulent Financial Practices in Your Organization

Tuesday, April 2, 2013
10:00 AM-11:00 AM
Track: Council/Industry Specific
Format: Case Study
Organization: IFMA
Knowledge Level: 200 level
Session Description: When speaker Donald Tucker first arrived at the Sacramento Public Library as director of facilities in 2007, he noticed a large number of expensive repairs in the records. After researching the charges, he realized that they were not errors in the financial data, but gross overcharges for typical repairs and services. This discovery lead to a large internal investigation, a Grand Jury report, a civil judgment and several felony convictions with multi–year prison terms for the Library staff members involved.

This session will provide examples of the kinds of evidence and obfuscation that present themselves in fraudulent billing schemes. Learn what to look for and how to obtain help when you need to dig deeper. Find out what to avoid, such as excessive media coverage. Open discussion will be encouraged to allow attendees to learn from other examples and share their own success stories. Examples from public institutions will be presented; but the information is applicable to private industry as well.

Learning Objectives:
  • Through a real-world example, learn how to spot the signs of fraudulent billing schemes.
  • Learn how to identify the behaviors and habits associated with illegal behavior.
  • Acquire tools and resources to help research and prosecute violators.
  • Group discussions will illustrate how other organizations have discovered and corrected similar problems.
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    Donald Tucker, CFM
    Sacramento Public Library Authority
    Director of Facilities

    Donald Tucker is the director of facilities at Sacramento Public Library, a 28-branch library system. Prior to this position, he was the associate director of operations at the CSU Sacramento University Union facility for 22 years.

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