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1.03 The Art of Saying "NO"

Tuesday, April 2, 2013
10:00 AM-11:00 AM
Track: Leading and Managing/Volunteer Leaders
Format: General Presentation
Knowledge Level: 100 level
Session Description: In our work we are challenged every day with the issue of telling our customers, clients, staff, and ourselves No. This simple act is perhaps one of the most challenging tasks we face on a daily basis. The problem that plagues us is the challenge of saying No to the customers in the right way. As employees we often times create issues by saying the right answer in the wrong way.

You need to understand what you deliver, what the team delivers and where you’re responsibility ends. When you and your team have the ability to tell the customer what you Know as opposed to telling them what you don’t, you will begin to demonstrate your knowledge and skill that defines the professionalism of you and your team. When delivering the message and the information, maintaining a positive attitude and not shift to a negative or demeaning posture with the customer is the first step in successful communication.

You must also realize what your limitations are. This includes technical knowledge as well as the limits of your authority. Rely on your supervisors, managers, and senior management to assist in the relaying of information and reinforcing the standards. There are some basic responses that can be used when responding. By inserting the positive results, even if they are not exactly what the requestor wants, the reaction can be minimized and the customer should recognize that there is an attempt to help resolve their issue.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the impact of saying no.
  • What you should KNOW.
  • Discuss cowboy attitudes and appropriate escalation.
  • Learn how to say NO the right way.
  •     Presentation


    Scott Offermann, CFM, MBIFM, CEM
    Cushman & Wakefield
    Global Operations Manager

    Scott Offermann is a highly skilled facility management professional whose 25+ years of experience includes delivering services in 37 countries and overseeing a delivery team of over 450 employees and dedicated service providers. He has delivered facility services as a direct and outsourced provider in health care, manufacturing, distribution, high tech, recreation, and call center environments. An authority on Remote and Direct Management, his strong leadership encourages innovation and collaboration which results in the delivery of superior business services to his clients and customers. Further, as an expert in Program Development, his creation and delivery of programs drives global consistency and efficiency, enhances value, mitigates risk and improves customer satisfaction. Mr. Offermann earned his Bachelor’s Degree at Arizona State University, is a Certified Facilities Manager, Certified Energy Manager, and a Member British Institute of Facilities Management.