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3.01 Benchmarking Strategies to Improve Building Performance (includes case studies)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013
3:00 PM-4:00 PM
Track: Best Practices
Format: Interactive Presentation
Organization: IFMA
Knowledge Level: 200 level
Session Description: This session will be segmented into three major components: 1) A benchmarking overview, discussing the pros and cons of today's benchmarking; 2) Identify the critical components of a benchmarking system; and 3) Interactive discussion with attendees to analyze case studies of benchmarked buildings. For each case study, the presenters will:
  • Present the existing situation prior to benchmarking.
  • Show the initial benchmarking results.
  • Work with the attendees to determine what best practices would improve performance.
  • Review the actual case study results.
  • Show benchmarking results one year later after implementation of the best practices.
  • Analyze trends to improve building performance on a continuous basis.

Attendees will leave with a better understanding of:

  • How benchmarking is a continuous improvement process.
  • Whether benchmarking is appropriate for their organization.
  • Which aspects of benchmarking they should implement.
  • How to implement benchmarking in their organization.
Learning Objectives:
  • Identify the critical components of a benchmarking system for facility professionals.
  • Learn how benchmarking helps you understand how well your building is performing when compared to similar ones.
  • Learn how benchmarking can identify ways to improve your building performance.
  • Learn how to apply trend analysis to benchmarking to result in continuous building performance improvement.
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    Keith McClanahan, P.E., RPA

    Keith McClanahan is principal and founder of Facility Issues, a consulting firm specializing in publishing and benchmarking services. He has conducted numerous benchmarking studies for facility management organizations and sustainability issues. He leads industry benchmarking groups such as: Museums and Cultural Institutions, IFMAs Utility Council, Facility Managers Roundtable, R&D / National Laboratories, Telecommunications, Washington Group International, Boeing, Chicago Area FMs, and other benchmarking groups that utilize benchmarking metrics to identify best practices in FM. McClanahan is also co-principal of FM Benchmarking, a web-based benchmarking performance measuring tool that provides integrated best practices, operating and sustainability benchmarks. He received his B.S. in engineering from Arizona State University, is a Registered Professional Engineer and BOMA Real Property Administrator. He has 37 years of facility experience in all areas including construction, design, project management, maintenance, operations and facility management.

    Peter Kimmel, AIA, IFMA Fellow

    Peter Kimmel is the publisher of FMLink, the largest information-based magazine for facility managers on the Internet. He also is a principal of FM BENCHMARKING. Prior to founding FMLink in 1995, Peter was president of his own FM consulting firm, focusing on helping FMs automate their facility operations. Before that, he managed facilities in the federal government and in the private sector for more than 10 years. Peter speaks at a variety of conferences, and his writings have been published in most FM magazines. He is a three-time winner of IFMA's Distinguished Author Award, most recently in 2009 for his energy management research. Peter is a registered architect and holds a Master of Architecture degree from the University of California.

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