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1.02 Strategies for Driving Large Portfolio Energy Efficiency

Tuesday, April 2, 2013
10:00 AM-11:00 AM
Track: Sustainability/ Environmental Stewardship
Format: Panel Discussion
Knowledge Level: 300 level
Session Description: With buildings consuming more than 40% of energy in the U.S., there’s a massive financial and environmental need to make our existing stock more efficient. However, it would take US$50 billion and 22 years just to audit every building in the U.S.; and at that point, not a single kilowatt-hour of energy would be saved.

Facility managers are beginning to think more strategically about how to drive energy efficiency more quickly and cost-effectively across a large portfolio. Large portfolios make the current challenges of driving energy efficiency – prioritization, determining ROI, and securing stakeholder buy-in – that much more daunting. 

Moderated by IFMA board member and sustainability expert, Eric Teicholz, this panel will highlight best practices from front-line facility management professionals attempting to tackle this challenge, including: an analyst responsible for management energy across nearly 100 buildings; an energy auditor who performs comprehensive whole building assessments in sites throughout the U.S.; and a software data analytics expert who works with FMs around the world. They will discuss innovative approaches to determining which buildings and conservation measures to focus on, how to leverage data to be smarter about energy efficiency, and ultimately how to ensure portfolio energy efficiency success.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the different ways to prioritize buildings and opportunities.
  • Learn the differences between types of building energy asssessments: scoping audits as well as ASHRAE Level I-III.
  • Avoid common pitfalls when evaluating and selecting different measures and technologies.
  • Learn how energy consumption and building asset data can be used to accelerate the process.
  •     Presentation


    Eric Teicholz, IFMA Fellow, IFMA Board Member
    Graphic Systems, Inc.

    Eric Teicholz is president of Graphic Systems, chair of IFMA's Sustainability Committee, and trustee and chair of knowledge management for the IFMA Foundation. He is a past professor at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design, and the author/editor of 11 books related to facility management and technology.

    Bennett Fisher, CEO and Founder
    CEO and Co-Founder

    Bennett Fisher has spent more than a decade building businesses in the real estate sector. Whether it was acquiring and operating more than US$500 million in commercial building assets, or directly developing innovative enterprise software, Bennett has always been passionate about helping companies improve their operations by embracing new technology. In 2009, Bennett founded Retroficiency, the building efficiency intelligence company, to enable energy service providers, utilities and owners to cost-effectively prioritize high potential commercial buildings and evaluate thousands of energy efficiency measures in minutes. The Retroficiency platform delivers accurate, actionable insights and recommendations, and is trusted by some of the largest utilities and energy service providers in the world. Bennett has a B.A. in economics from Johns Hopkins University, and an MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a featured speaker and writer for leading industry trade shows and publications. Previously, Bennett worked at Pitcairn Properties where he helped source and underwrite US+$300 million in acquisition and development deals. He successfully repositioned and sold their US$150 million flex portfolio, achieving +20% returns for investors. Through his work, Bennett became passionate about commercial real estate and the use of technology to identify energy savings opportunities. He spent 10 years researching, acquiring and operating commercial buildings while trying to make the process more efficient by leveraging innovative trends and business concepts.

    Brian Lecher
    Jones Lang LaSalle
    Portfolio Energy Manager

    Brian Lecher is a program manager focused on energy and environmental sustainability with experience in energy engineering, real estate, corporate operations and construction. Brian’s ten years of experience have included developing capital and operational solutions to eliminate wasteful operations across large organizations. Brian’s specialties and qualifications include: Portfolio energy and sustainability management; ASHRAE Level I,II and III Energy Audits; Efficient Lighting; HVAC and Control Solutions; Energy Star Portfolio Energy Manager; Procuring Energy in Deregulated Markets; Conserving Energy to Improve the Environment; Registered Professional Engineer (Illinois); Certified Energy Manager (Association of Energy Engineers); LEED AP O+M (USGBC); Green Globes Professional (GBI); Data Center Energy Practitioner (DOE).

    Justin Chrzanowski
    Energy Analyst

    Justin Chrzanowski is concerned with the impact of I.T. and innovation on the ways in which business is conducted, specifically in the fields of energy and sustainability. Justin believes it is through technology that the corporate environment can lead efforts in energy efficiency, energy conservation and sustainable practices. By constantly thinking outside the norms of the business environment, he is focused on developing strategies that are at the leading edge of the industry. The pairing of synergies between business operations and technology allow companies to improve their bottom line, while also becoming stronger corporate citizens. Specialities: Licensed Massachusetts Real Estate Sales Agent; LEED Green Associate; EMS Provisional Auditor; ISO 14001 Implementation.