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5.05 Best Practices For Dealing with Mold, Indoor Air Quality & Asbestos

Wednesday, April 3, 2013
2:15 PM-3:15 PM
Track: Council/Industry Specific
Format: General Presentation
Knowledge Level: 200 level
Session Description: Facility professionals face the new threat of high levels of tenant employee paranoia over mold and other indoor air quality issues, and the old threat of asbestos. Often the two go together, as dealing with mold requires dealing with materials which may contain asbestos. In both cases, proper awareness and planning saves time, money and frustration while reducing the liability of the management company and owner. Especially with mold, quick and proper actions are essential.

To add spice to what could be bland technical subjects, the presentation will be livened with some humorous real examples (names and addresses omitted!) of the massive level of tenant employee paranoia (and some greed) now facing facility professionals. The session will cover ways to diffuse the paranoia and frustrate attempts by greedy tenant employees or tenants to use mold or indoor air quality issues against the manager and owner. Some of Mr. Masek’s collection of materials which contain asbestos (in safe containers) will also be used in the presentation.

Learning Objectives:
  • Discover how to deal with the current high level of tenant employee paranoia
  • Find out what to do, and when to do it when it comes to mold and asbestos.
  • Learn to manage and plan instead of react and scramble.
  • Discover how to find out when and where highly regulated asbestos was used.
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    Stephen Masek
    Masek Consulting Services, Inc.

    Mr. Masek's company has performed thousands of environmental inspections in all types of buildings, and for a diverse group of loyal government and commercial clients, including the largest owner of high rise buildings in Los Angeles. He is a California certified asbestos and lead consultant, an active member of ASTM and a member of Mensa.

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