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7.08 Real Estate Free Agency: Effective Management of Your Portfolio

Thursday, April 4, 2013
8:00 AM-9:00 AM
Track: Council/Industry Specific
Format: Interactive Presentation
Organization: IFMA
Knowledge Level: 100 level
Session Description: Attendees will learn strategies for determining the type of partnership to have with a real estate agency.  Too often the relationship is passive and exclusive which can lead to increased costs, loss operational flexibility, and passing up opportunities to improve on both.  Clients need proactive strategies to get the most out of their agency partners and individual agents.
Learning Objectives:
  • Determine if an exclusive relationship with a real estate agency is right for your portfolio.
  • Learn to choose the right real estate agency/agent for your transaction.
  • Discover effective negotiation of commission agreements and deliverables.
  • Find out how to maintain a productive partnership with your preferred agency.
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    Mark Ellis
    Director, Global Facilities & Real Estate

    As manager of 26 leased office locations around the world, Mark Ellis has entered into partnerships of different types with many different real estate agencies in managing his company’s portfolio. Having been involved in negotiating over 75 lease contracts worldwide, he has had an opportunity to work under exclusive, preferred, and unaffiliated agreements with minor and major players in the Real Estate Agency world. His experience and knowledge of these relationships and their effectiveness in helping to reduce lease costs over 30% worldwide for his portfolio make him the ideal individual to learn from – both from mistakes and successes.

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