5.07 Sustainabile Asset Reliability: The Foundation for Maintaining Your Certified Facilities

Friday, October 28, 2011
8:00 AM-9:00 AM
Topic Area: Operations and Maintenance
Format: Interactive Presentation
Target Audience: Engineers, Operational Managers, Property Managers, Real Estate Managers, Senior Managers
CSP (Corporate Sustaining Partner)? Yes
Level of Learning: 300 level
This presentation meets the criteria for Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) LU/ CEUs.
This presentation meets the criteria for the Sustainable Design (SD) LU/ CEUs.

Session Description: Explore the key components of an organization designed and charged with maintaining today’s certified structures and internal systems to ensure environmental sustainability. This session will provide valuable knowledge on how to structure and staff the facility engineering and maintenance organization's available asset data software systems used to manage the process; performance measures used to track all aspects of asset and system performance; and auditing techniques used to ensure continuous improvement and sustainability. Attendees will take away the knowledge and tools needed to begin developing or expand their existing asset sustainability process to a best in class status.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the foundation keys to asset sustainability.
  • Learn about the systems and software available for managing asset and system activities and history.
  • Take back an understanding of the most common performance metrics used to monitor asset reliability.
  • Review the auditing and techniques used to ensure reliability throughout the assets' designed life cycle.
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    Michael Cowley, CPMM
    CE Maintenance Solutions, LLC

    Mike Cowley’s background includes a B.S. in mechanical engineering and more than 32 years of hands-on experience in areas of asset and maintenance management, including facility and industrial maintenance. He has extensive experience in all aspects of facility and manufacturing management, computerized maintenance management systems, contract maintenance, utility operations, project engineering and senior engineering management. Mike has been fortunate to work with numerous organizations, assisting them in their journey to change the maintenance culture. He speaks at several leading maintenance conferences and facility management conventions each year, writes articles for maintenance magazines, teaches maintenance management fundamentals, and has assisted numerous organizations in developing plans and programs needed to implement and achieve facility-wide maintenance improvement.

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